Our Service Motto: "Put The Customer First"

At Salzburg we operate with you and the rest of your team. We can advise you on the best materials to use and the principles of sound design. Our European-trained craftspeople, many with over 30 years experience in cabinetry and millwork, work with a wide range of materials including intricate inlays, metal and valuable veneers like burls and exotic woods. Our shop drawings and samples ensure the design is functional and the final product achieves the desired appearance.

Our finishing department provide expertise to deliver all ranges of colour, transparency and sheen. Installation arrangements are flexible; we can arrange for our installers to finish the project, or work with your contractors.

Quality, flexibilty and attention to deadlines. Customers tell us they choose Salzburg Interiors because we understand what is at stake in meeting a deadline. And we deliver, on time, as promised. Afterwards, we follow up to ensure you are completly satisfied.

Salzburg Interiors - setting the Standard for Quality.

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